Crosby Volunteer Fire Department

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Any resident may submit an application for membership at CVFD Station 2 any Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. Click the Application link above for an application. Station meetings are held most Tuesday evenings beginning at 7:00 p.m. This is a good time to stop by to learn more about volunteer firefighting.




Every new member is required to complete a candidate firefighter program before the individual is authorized to fight fire. This program is about 75 hours long and held on every Tuesday and most Saturdays. After the candidate firefighter program, the individual is a placed on a 90-day evaluation program. This is to allow for additional training time at the station-level and for the person to get limited hands-on experience at fires until he/she is ready to be a firefighter.


Crosby VFD Candidate Training Schedule




The uniform and firefighting clothing is provided to the new member by the Crosby Volunteer Fire Department. This equipment remains the property of the Crosby Volunteer Fire Department and must be returned upon leave.


Time Commitment


After the initial candidate firefighting class, Probationary Fire Fighters are required to make Tuesday Night business and training meetings. Additionally, Probationary Fire Fighters can assist in Public Relations events and regularly respond to emergencies. This total time commitment can average about 4 hours a week.


For additional information, please send an email to the Training Officers.